Short tutorials on skin detailing, maya to zbrush pipeline, and working with fibermesh in zbrush.
Eye for use with Maya Vray. Comes with photoreal eye shader tutorial and all required files, including mesh, maps, shader & render settings.


My name is Yuri Alexander
My name is Yuri Alexander
I am a 3d artist from Seattle, Washington. I work mostly on games.


I am a character artist with three years of freelancing experience. My freelancing goal is to work on fun projects that challenge my skillset, while learning from other artists.


I enjoy the realtime character workflow. Sculpting high-resolution models, creating low polys, baking, creating detailed textures, and working with the models and shaders in-engine.

Besides modeling and texturing, I have experience with the whole low-poly pipeline, including working with shaders and in-engine. I also have experience with modular characters, cleaning and using scan data, topology targeting, and rigging/weighting.

I primarily use Zbrush, Maya, Silo, Marvelous Designer, and Vray to create my work. I also have professional experience using Cryengine and Unreal Engine.


I have had the opportunity to contribute to a couple of amazing teams as a character artist, including:

• Deep-Silver Dambusters, on Homefront: the Revolution

• Insomniac Games, on Spiderman

• Culture Shock Games, an Indie developer from Chicago

• Null Beam

and several other smaller teams.

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I am currently looking for new, challenging projects to work on, and freelance clients to work with.

If you would like to contact me about a project, feel free to use the contact information above, or use the contact form below!


Messages go straight to my email, but feel free to email me directly at y.s.alexander@gmail.com