Jan 2016
Zbrush To Maya Pipeline

This short guide covers the Zbrush-to-Maya pipeline. It will help you export your zbrush sculpts to Maya, without losing any detail using displacement maps. The second part of this tutorial covers using the LayeredNode in Maya to combine displacement maps with tiling detail maps.  This guide assumes you have a working knowledge of zbrush, and the concepts of UVs and textures. If I leave you hanging without a specific explanation, there are a number of tutorials available for any of these topics, which can be found with a google search. About Displacement There are a couple ways to do Zbrush-Maya displacement, including using 32bit displacement. They all have their pros and cons, but this guide Read more

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Jan 2016
Using Maya’s LayeredTexture Node for high-res displacement
Jul 2016
A Quick Marvelous Designer to Zbrush Workflow

There are a lot of Marvelous Designer workflows. They all have their benefits, but this is one that I use most often when I’m working. The workflow has a couple of advantages: its fast (can be done in minutes) and all done in zbrush so not a bunch of program hopping, it produces nice meshes for sculpting, it maintains UVs, it maintains polygroup borders for easier retopo and detailing, and it maintains fabric thickness (and assigns the thickness edges its own UV space, so no edge UV seam on tiling patterns). This guide assumes you have a working knowledge of zbrush and marvelous designer, and the concepts of each. If I Read more

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